Thursday, January 9, 2014

Influence on Makeup with Zocko

Happy new year 2014 everyone!! :) it's been a month I'm on travelling, so I don't have any times to write a blog hehe soon I'll come home and write many story :-*

This is just very quick talk about I just get this startup last month, this is tool for social influencers, and I think this is kind of cool things :D I still learn about this startup, but quite enjoy it! if you all curious about this startup just check it out and join it now! I hope I can influence all of you, see you soon!

with passion and love,
Putu Ayu Andhira

Divine Make Up: February 2014 wishlist purchase! soon they will stay in my powder room :D wait for the review peoples! *smooch

Find this cool stuff here:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

October+November Haul + Swatch & Quick Review Drugstore Makeup : Beauty Blender, Maybelline, Revlon, NYX, ELF, Jordana, Wet ‘n Wild, and Oriflame

Hai everyone, this time I’ll do makeup haul for October and November purchase in one post,  because like usual my schedule fall apart :D but I promise to reschedule and for monthly haul I’ll try to post every single month, on last weeks in the month, sharing for all product that I purchase with swatch, quick review, and other thoughts.

heavenly bliss :p

Right now I become a lil’ bit makeup shopaholic :D every chance, every sale I never miss to purchase some makeup product. I always love drugstore makeup, the price is reasonable for me, the quality quite good enough. Some people said drugstore product (ex: Maybelline, Revlon, etc) in Indonesia have a different quality and result when we applied, with drugstore product in USA, maybe it’s because the factory and material, that’s why sometimes drugstore product USA more expensive (more less $1 - $3), but it doesn't means drugstore product Indonesia poor quality, it’s still become my choice too. The most visible difference of drugstore product in Indonesia and USA, drugstore product USA  is more product option and more range color, especially for my skin tone (I have warm undertone, shade medium-tan), it’s hard enough to find foundation shade in drugstore product Indonesia either local product.

I usually purchase product from USA and foreign in TwentySeven Shop and Pre Order by Mimo *love them both!, the service never let down+the owner very nice. And for local product and local purchasing my favorite place in Bandung is Mahmud Store, the have best price and deal even though the sales person not friendly -.- but who care about their bitch attitude, I have the best deal of my makeup price :)
Actually I bought all of this product since October, I purchase at TweentySeven Shop (ELF, off all items!),, Mahmud Store, and Oriflame. For USA product I have to wait a month until the goods arrived at my home. 

I purchase 5 different eyeliner (*I never say enough for eyeliner hehe) 2 pencils eyeliner and 3 liquid eyeliner. From Maybelline (purchase at Mahmud Store)  I have Hyper Sharp Liner #Black and Crayon Liner #Brown, Hyper Sharp Liner #Black is one of my favorite, this is my second time purchase of this product, this eyeliner come with light texture and medium black color, easy to apply with hyper sharp gentle brush applicator, suited   for rush makeup. Crayon Liner #Brown, like soft crayon or pastel packed in pencil, intense brown color, suited with light makeup look and ‘no makeup’ makeup look. From Jordana (purchase at Fabuliner Liquid Eye Liner #01 Black, light texture and light black color (sheer black), easy to apply with stylo applicator (felt-tip pen), suited for daily light makeup. From Wet n’ Wild (purchase at Color Icon Shimmer Eye Pencil #Cooper, this poduct not only used as eyeliner but also can be used as  eyeshadow, soft crayon or pastel packed in pencil, cooper light brown with shimmer. From Revlon (purchase at Mahmud Store) Color Stay Liquid Eyeliner #Blackest Black, the most intense black color compare to other product, when I applied on my upper lash line it’s lil’ bit stung, I don't know why, maybe my upper lash line skin is sensitive but overall I love this product and the color intensity it’s amazing, suited for full makeup and second layer after using false eyelashes. 
with flash
normal light
         Eye base from NYX (purchase at High Definition Eye Shadow Base, make color of eyeshadow pop up, define, and no crease at all (*yeahh!). Quite long lasting ( I didn't count the time :D sorry, next time I will count), I compare this product with Stay Don’t Stray from Benefit Cosmetic, it’s almost has same result, for drugstore makeup with reasonable price, I definitely love this one! <3

with flash
normal light
Brow definer from Maybelline (purchase at Define-A-Brow #Medium Brown, it’s waterproof brow definer!!OMG I’ve been looking for this one so long, finally :) water resistant even when I rub gently the color stay in place, unfortunately I don’t get the black color, I don’t know if it’s available or not, because when I purchase this one, the available color only brown range. 

with flash 
normal light

And 5 new lip color (*yippieeee) from Revlon I have Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #005 Crush (purchase at Mahmud Store)  and Matte Lipstick #007 In The Red (purchase at Revlon Counter), both of them it’s my favorite color ever! Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #005 Crush, dark pink cheery color, long wear balm stain. Matte Lipstick #007 In the Red, warm tone red color, more like brown-red, totally perfect for my skin. And from Wet n’ Wild I have Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipcolor in 4 different color (purchase at, #908C Sugar Plum Fairy, sexy plum color, like super dark pink and semi vampy pink. #918D Cherrybomb, the sexiest dark red color. #912C  In The Flesh warm pink nude color, and #903C  Just Peachy, bright pink nude color.

with flash
normal light

Highlighter from ELF (purchase at Shimmering Facial Whip #1205 Lilac Petal, is the dupe for  High Beam from Benefit Cosmetic *I’m happy girl, just $1 I can get $26 looks :). All Over Color Stick #3102 Persimmon & #3106 Spotlight, this product has same function with shimmering facial whip in stick, it’s more easier to blend (for me), for #3102 Persimmon the color almost same with Lilac Petal, but more pink and for  #3106 Spotlight the color it’s too white and less shimmer.

with flash
normal light

Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White Powder #05 Sand Beige from Maybelline (purchase at Mahmud Store) this is BB cream in powder version, first I really want to buy a Korean BB cushion from Laneige, but it’s too pricey for Korean brand (my opinion) so when I found this I don’t think twice, medium – full covered, I choose the darkest color in range but still too white for my skin tone :( I hope there more color range, overall I love this product, I use almost for my daily makeup.  

with flash
normal light
Loose Powder from Oriflame (purchase at Oriflame) Studio Artist Loose Powder Iluma Flair, this is mate finish loose powder and I use as blotting powder because it has no color on it.

with flash
normal light
Eyeshadow from Maybelline (purchase at Mahmud Store) Color Tattoo Eyeshadow #Taugh as Taupe, the color it’s nude-bronzer, waterproof, and trully 24 hours lasting. This product can be a good investment for every girls makeup case :)
with flash
normal light
Blush on from NYX (purchase at Blush Powder #Taupe, the color it’s nude-bronzer, natural look for medium-deep skin (my skin), this blush can also mixed with other color blush, make the color more pop on face or I usually use as bronzer, quite light , but still defined.

with flash
normal light
Brow powder from Jordana (purchase at Brow Powder Duo #04 Black, it’s came with 2 different color, deep brown and black, the color can filled brow shape well, easy to blend too,  I usually use deep brown on inner eyebrow and blend with black on outer eyebrow.

with flash
normal light

Mascara from Maybelline (purchase at and ELF (purchase at, Maybelline Volum Express One by One Waterproof Mascara #265 Blackest Black, this mascara it’s amazing! Build up the eyelashes, separated one by one and make the eyelashes longer and thicker naturally, perfect for daily makeup, but less drama for full cover makeup, overall I love this one for everyday makeup. ELF Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara #2201 Crystal, I use this product for shape and seal the eyebrow, this product it’s quite good, but not contain wax so this product it’s not waterproof.

before wearing mascara
after wearing mascara and brow clear mascara

Makeup sponge from Beauty Blender (purchase at Beauty Blender Double the Sponge, this is like magic wand for makeup base, beauty blender blend all kind makeup base (foundation, bb cream, cc cream, powder, etc.) very well, the result so perfectly smooth! Love it very much <3

So that's the haul for October+November, I purchase all product more less $155 *totally broke girl but happy girl in same time hahahha this is called my guilty pleasure <3

Keep happy and beautiful everyone!

With passion and love,

Putu Ayu Andhira

Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye then Hello, Life

Hi everyone, it's been 3 months since I updated my blog, I'm sorry for the 'hiatus'. For you who doesn't know what is hiatus, Hiatus in geology term is a break or interruption in the continuity of the geologic record. It represented periods of geologic time (short or long) for which there are no sediments or strata (Sam Boogs, JR, 1987). It’s basically break time :D 

So for last 3 months I struggle for my bachelor of engineering degree,  the story start when I met my good friend Luthfan Alhamra after Ied Mubarak,  we wanna throw some farewell party for OGI committee (last year event that we arrange). Instead talked about the party, we talked about our last year in campus, when we graduate, and bla bla bla, then we agree to finish it soon as soon possible and asked some friends with same mission. I called "Happy Tummy Tea" team (me, Luthfan, Tecto, and Rezki). For a few days we struggle to finish our undergraduate thesis and geological mapping, we stayed up late every night, but that just for a few days, the rest it's only me an Luthfan still on fire to finish our last assignment, Tecto and Rezki give up easily ahahhhaa (smooch for booth of you guys :-* fight fight!!)  
first time, so much on fire!!!
Rezki took this photo, Luthfan try to understand his map, I concentration with my report, Tecto too much thinking then depressed :)) 
next time, the mood began to decline ~.~
tripod took this photo,  Rezki try to understand his map, I still struggle with my report, Tecto watching movie, Luthfan pursue love either where...and 10 minutes later, Rezki fall asleep, nice!

There is so much drama and comedy before me and Luthfan finally get our presentation, Luthfan get into the hospital because of lack of sleep and rest plus he get overdose Proman (energy drink) nyahhahahaa and for me, in the last day before presentation, I just realize my map place in the wrong coordinate *fuck! that automatically effected the whole data, geology map, and report! It feels like I wanna cry, give up and laugh, how stupid I am ahahaha :))))
I presented my undergraduate thesis on September 16th, 2013 and Luthfan presented his geological mapping on September 18th, 2013.

My presentation day
(left-right) with Goib the cute boy with exotic skin, Yogi the handsome + tall one, and Alfardi the 'capital city celebrities' 
Luthfan's presentation day
'Happy Tummy Tea' full team (left-right) Rezki, Luthfan, me, Tecto 

The craziness isn’t over yet, revision, preparing for comprehensive undergraduate council, and bla bla. The most stupid and hilarious moment, in one afternoon September 26th, 2013 Luthfan, Yogi and Engkong came to my house with panic attack and told me, the only opportunity for register comprehensive undergraduate council is tomorrow September 27th and the space list filled quickly, damn!!! It’s feels like crazy, I’m not yet touch the revision since my presentation last week and my requirement is uncompleted (double strike, just kill me!). Can you imagine I have to take a formal photo wearing kebaya, revision, fulfill my requirement papers, and collecting signature from all my supervisor (I have 4 supervisor ~.~, die..) in just one night, I’m such a dead meat. But I’m not give up easily that night, I took a formal photo at Papyrus Photo Studio, then asking signature to my supervisor, and I finished my revision in 12 hours *big applause for me please!! In the morning I went to campus in a rush with panda’s eyes o.o(not sleep at all, dark circle oh nooo!) and wish there still space list for me to register, and  know what? There is still many space list and registration extended until next Monday *what the hell!? I’ve been lied to kyaaaaaa :o but anyway thanks to the lies Luthfan and Yogi, I can move faster  <3. Finnaly I registered for comprehensive undergraduate council along with Luthfan, Yogi, Alfardi, and couple extras people hhaha.

My formal photo wearing kebaya
 I did my own makeup and hair do only for 15 minutes :D *I'll review this look next time 

Our schedule for comprehensive undergraduate council is October 7th, 2013 that means we only have 10 days to fill in our brain with 5 years knowledge we’ve learn before on campus, all of us truly DEAD MEAT! Soon, my house and luthfan’s house turn into base camp for training comprehensive undergraduate council :)))) everyday we feel so on fire to learn, then frustrating, then sleepy, then watching NGC, then haha hihi, this is so frustrating *.* When Yogi stress he can’t barely eat, me and Luthfan, we can’t stop to eat, and Alfardi, yeah he can handle the situation  better than us. 

 And the big day it’s coming, Monday October 7th, 2013 the climax of our 5 years journey *tsahhhh. We went to campus together, in the car we play our soundtrack of the day Get Lucky – Daft Punk over and over again :)) wish it can be our lucky charm, Yogi want open the car window so he can yelling out to people, Alfardi stiff as wood, yeah all of us almost crazy that morning haha, but the most important, our style that day, uber cool!! we look like CEO company and important people, suit, polished shoes, and sunglasses, aaaaa love it :*

The comprehensive undergraduate council start on 9 am, divided into two rooms, Luthfan, Alfardi, and Yogi room 1, me and other room 2, then guess what!? I get the first round!!!*what the fuck!?even I forget what Bowen’s Reaction Series(this is the most basic thing in geology) shitttttt...and Luthfan get the first round too hahahaha omg we can shared this suffering :)))
Luckily, my room is “good kids room” the examiners, they are super nice and kind lecturer but in the other room “bad kids room” the examiners, they are super genius and killer lecturer :D ohhh God, thank you very much! I came out of the room with big smile, Luthfan....(no coment) :)), then followed by Alfardi, yeah he can handle that (okay actually this guy it’s just like extras in this story), and last followed by Yogi, then he came out of the room with pale face(I exaggerate this hahha)
After long day, finally we pass the comprehensive undergraduate council with grade A :) *super big smile!!yeah beibehhhh we are bachelor of engineering, how cool is that!? Me, girl, with bachelor of engineering degree, hell yeah!!!!  

Pose with our Bachelor of Engineering degree
(left-right) Alfardi, me, Luthfan, Mala, Yogi
Future CEO, Businessman, Engineer, Scientists, Celebrities :))))

And last Wednesday November 6th, 2013 it’s my Graduation Ceremony, and yeah my life never be bored, there is always interesting and hilarious things in it, and my Graduation Ceremony...make me so speechless, there is no words exactly can describe that moment, so I just show it through the photos.

me and my mom, my dad took this photo :D
my alma mater HMG Unpad <3
this is us
too much special, graduates on Barracuda!!!!
Class of 2008, mi familia :*
Geogirl class of 2008
MAAR GEOLOGI Unpad, my home <3
My life, my love 'high school - till death' best friends :*
perfect kiss from my Arya <3 :* 
Special gift from Firdha and Meish 
all kind of love for me in my day, thank you guys :*

Behind all my silly and hilarious story, believe it or not, I scared to death about this big changing in my life, I step into the new world, new life,  which is I should say goodbye to my campus, my friends in campus, my everything that I have before November 6th, 2013 and say hello to uncertainty of my life today. 
Mais c’est la vie.
So that is just fraction from my story for what happen in last 3 months, I change, I grow, I cry, I laugh, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m strong, I’m passionate, I’m on fire. And today, it’s my last day to take a rest, to relax, to thinking, to planing. Tomorrow, it’s time to act, to do, to create, to pursuit, and bring into reality. I know we can do, we are not ordinary people, we are special.

~ Thank you for Luthfan Alhamra that has become my partner in crime :*, long life earth element!!! haha

PS: for my Graduation Ceremony preparation story will be come soon after my photo studio finished, now i have to go, to chase my dreams, byeee :*

with all passion and love,
Putu Ayu Andhira